Following the announcement of the CDC and New York State recent mask mandates for those fully vaccinated, The Seneca Falls Historical Society has made the decision to maintain our current policy of requiring masks for staff and guests for the time being.

We will continue monitoring the situation to adjust our policy as we move forward. We thank all for their understanding and continued support of the Historical Society as we strive to ensure a healthy community for all who experience history.


Welcome to Our Home

Founded in 1896, the Seneca Falls Historical Society is an invaluable resource for local and regional history, life, and culture. Our extraordinary collections tell the story of Seneca Falls through thousands of rare and unique documents, archival records, artifacts, and irreplaceable treasures.

The Seneca Falls Historical Society strives to enhance the understanding of our area’s past and its connection to the present, demonstrating that history is not just a series of events that happened to individuals long ago but is integral to the fabric of our daily lives.

Our 23-room mansion houses our museum, archives, and collections are accessible to anyone with an interest in history. Beyond research, we offer many ways for the public to enjoy our collections including engaging programs, thought-provoking exhibitions, publications, special events, workshops, and more.

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A weekly series of daily features, Mystery Monday, Book of the Month Tuesday, Mansion Wednesday and Throwback Thursdays and Gift Shop Friday’s.

Follow us and help us solve some mysteries, find a good book to settle down with or be amazed at the history in your backyard. The Becker Weekly Series will always have something new and interesting each and every week. Come and join us……it’s FREE!!



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Welcome to our new addition the ‘Happenings Gallery’. Here we will be showing images and videos of events the Society presents throughout the year.

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