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Founded in 1896, the Seneca Falls Historical Society is an invaluable resource for local and regional history, life, and culture. Our extraordinary collections tell the story of Seneca Falls through thousands of rare and unique documents, archival records, artifacts, and irreplaceable treasures.

The Seneca Falls Historical Society strives to enhance the understanding of our area’s past and its connection to the present, demonstrating that history is not just a series of events that happened to individuals long ago but is integral to the fabric of our daily lives.

Our 23-room mansion houses our museum, archives, and collections are accessible to anyone with an interest in history. Beyond research, we offer many ways for the public to enjoy our collections including engaging programs, thought-provoking exhibitions, publications, special events, workshops, and more.

We all look forward to your visit!


During the month of October, every Tuesday night the Historical Society dares you to come and experience the HAUNTED MANSION TOURS.

2 Tours are available every Tuesday night, 6pm – 7pm and 7:30 – 8:30pm, you will be guided through the spectacular, dimly lit 23 room Becker Mansion by our wonderful docents.

To add to the experience, you will be joined on your tour by Psychic Medium Chrissy Legott.

Where it is rumored or is it!!?, that 3 wandering souls from the mansions past still roam freely.

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“Wonderful museum offering guided tours and much local history and artifacts related to the history of the 3-story home. Our guide was very knowledgeable on the history of the home and the town of Seneca Falls.”

Call 315.568.8412
for tickets

Call 315.568.8412
for tickets


  Help us BOUNCE-BACK and get back to some normality    by helping us fund our  community based children orientated events and programs.

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Over the last few weeks we have begun a weekly series of daily features, Mystery Monday, Book of the Month Tuesday, Mansion Wednesday and Throwback Thursdays. Follow us and help us solve some mysteries, find a good book to settle down with or be amazed at the history in your backyard. The Becker Weekly Series will always have something new and interesting each and every week. Come and join us……it’s FREE!!

We need your help! Mystery Monday via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Some of the many pictures we have, have no writing on the back or is either illegible or too faded; so we are unsure who or what is featured in the photograph. To make the archives complete, we need your help identifying these people and places! If you know any of the people, the places or even any stories about any of the images, please let us know. We thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide! So follow us on Facebook and join us on MYSTERY MONDAYS.

The first Tuesday of every month we will be posting a “Book of the Month” and then on the other Tuesdays of that month we will be giving you a look inside of this book, talk about the author etc. Then when you are suitably intrigued and want to purchase the book just click HERE…..

Mansion Wednesdays” were we will be posting various photos of the inside and outside from the Becker Mansion. Over the 172 years, this magnificent Mansion has gathered so many stories, artifacts and archives that each photo will have not only some interesting fact about your history but it will also tease you in just how beautiful this 23 Room Victorian Mansion is. Hope you enjoy seeing i, as much as we do. Stop by for a visit and get a tour of the Mansion..

On Thursday we have our very popular ‘Throwback Thursday‘, were we will post nostalgic pictures and information – from a different time of Seneca Falls. Many of the posts will reflect positive moments, or the ever changing history of Seneca Falls. We hope you enjoy our lookback and look forward to your comments.


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