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During the month of October, every Tuesday night the Historical Society dares you to come and experience the HAUNTED MANSION TOURS.

2 Tours are available every Tuesday night, 6pm – 7pm and 7:30 – 8:30pm, you will be guided through the spectacular, dimly lit 23 room Becker Mansion by our wonderful docents.

Where it is rumored or is it!!?, that 3 wandering souls from the mansions past still roam freely.

The building was part of a ten acre estate with carriage house, tool shed, vineyard, garden and orchard. The Mynderse Family lived there until 1880 when Mrs. Leroy Partridge purchased the house and began an extensive remodeling and updating that changed the two story dwelling into the three story, 23 room, Queen Anne Style home that you see today. Former family members, Historical Society staff and psychic mediums believe there are three “active” ghosts that reside in the house and a fourth who has been “let” go.

The original owner Edward Mynderse is a ghost that doesn’t like change in the house and sometimes plays tricks on staff or lets his presence be known. The former Maid (Mary) is believed to be heard walking around on the third floor and the caretaker resides “happily”!!! in the basement. The fourth, is  a young Irish girl and was heard crying on a back stairways, possibly upset about wanting to return to her home country.

Come and visit
BUT don’t come alone !!!

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