About the Seneca Falls Historical Society

Founded in 1896, the Seneca Falls Historical Society is an invaluable resource for local and regional history, life, and culture. Our extraordinary collections tell the story of Seneca Falls through thousands of rare and unique documents, archival records, artifacts, and irreplaceable treasures.

The Seneca Falls Historical Society strives to enhance the understanding of our area’s past and its connection to the present, demonstrating that history is not just a series of events that happened to individuals long ago but is integral to the fabric of our daily lives.

Our museum, archives, and collections are accessible to anyone with an interest in history. Beyond research, we offer many ways for the public to enjoy our collections including engaging programs, thought-provoking exhibitions, publications, interactive events, and workshops.

Our Mission Statement

“The Seneca Falls Historical Society is a center of research and learning dedicated to a deeper understanding of local and regional history. Through its collections, scholarly pursuits, and public programs, the Society seeks to nurture a greater appreciation for history and for the ideas, values, successes, and failures that bind us together as a nation.”

Today, in addition to the preservation of our collection of clothing from the 19th century to the present, our library contains scrapbooks, ledgers, diaries and books covering local economic and industrial development, women’s rights and the suffragette movement, division of the land following the American Revolution, Civil War accounts, genealogical information, local histories, and more.

Educational programs bring school children to the Society where they learn about 19th century living. Offered in the spring of each year, 4th graders from four counties come to “Take Tea”.

Monthly programs are also offered to members and the community covering various topics, and speakers are often invited to share their knowledge and love of history. We hope you’ll join us throughout the year and help us spread the word throughout our community.

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SFHS Board of Trustees

President: Pat Abbott
(Class 2021-2nd term)

Vice-President: Diane Cappellino
(Class 2021-1st term)

Treasurer: Joyce Marble
(Class 2021-1st term)

Secretary: Melissa Brown
(Class 2022-1st  term)

Kyle Black
(Class 2021-1st term)

Jan Caraccilo
(Class 2022-2nd  term)

Daniel Emmo
(Class 2021-2nd term)

Ginny DeJohn
(Class 2018-1st term)

Darlene Johnson
(Class 2021-1st term)

Allison Kelly
(Class 2021-1st term)

Joe Lucchesi
(Class 2021-1st term)

Sean Painter
(Class 2022-1st  term)

Susan Sauvageau
(Class 2022-1st  term)

MaryAnn Agnello
(Class 2024-1st  term)

Trustees Emeritus
Senator Michael F. Nozzolio

John Robbins

SFHS Staff

Chris Podzuweit
Executive Director/Curator

Patty Agnello
Administrative Assistant

Nellie Ludemann
Educator / Program Coordinator

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