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The number of photographs taken at the lake, and the spirit which pervades them, indicate that this is the place where they were most content.

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- December '20 -

“Grace in the Afternoon” is a Cayuga Lake Love Story of Grace and Ray Chamberlain. Carol Serlings Great Uncle Ray and Grace Chamberlain had a summer cottage on Cayuga Lake. This is the story of the both of them.

Ray Chamberlain was born in East Corinth, Vermont, the year the Civil War ended. He entered Dartmouth in 1885, and later transferred to Cornell to study engineering, graduating in 1891. His health proved unequal to this strenuous career, but he had other interest. As his obituary subsequently stated, “Blessed with a versatility of talent he turned to that of artist.” He studied at the Art Students League in New York, worked as an illustrator and cartoonist, and returned to Cornell to be a professor of Free Hand Drawing in the College of Architecture. Again, quoting from his obituary, “His academic career afforded him the leisure time of his vacations to use his pencil, and brush and camera in the open lakeside by the sea.”
His marriage to Grace Wilmarth Caldwell in 1903 began a partnership that lasted for twenty-six years. Grace was the second child of George Caldwell, one of the first professors to be hired by Cornell University. She grew up in Ithaca and attended Cornell, graduating with degrees in Greek and Latin. After their marriage, the two lived near Cornell, and spent their summer at the quiet cottage on Cayuga Lake.

On April 5, she wrote her last letter, addressed to her sister, Almira Phelps, in Baltimore. The next day she made an entry in her diary, scrawling in a feeble hand that showed few traces of her trademark copperplate penmanship, “have my prayers alone, read the newspapers.”

- November '20 -

Spring in Troy in 1870 was unusually warm, and by early April the Leaves in Seminary Park were green and displayed a fullness not usually seen before May. The entire winter had been mild; for the first time since records began in 1789, navigation o n the Hudson had not been suspended because of ice. The warm weather had not been healthy for Mrs. Emma Willard. After a winter o recurring illness, she was sick again, unable to venture from her rooms. In the fall she had given up her house on Ferry Street and had moved into the seminary building to be closer to her son and his family.

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- October '20 -

Ghost and Spirits lurk beneath the water and on the shores of the Finger Lakes. Deep lakes, scenic waterfalls, charming villages-all are intrinsic parts of New York’s Finger Lakes region. But behind this beauty, the spooky and ghostly reside.
Interesting facts: A former slave never left the William Seward House in Auburn, and eerie guests reside alongside live ones at Adams Basin Inn. When the Genesee Country Village and Museum’s buildings were moved there, they brought their former residents along. And it is no wonder that some souls never left the Civil War POW camp in Elmira known as “Hellmira. “
This months book is very interesting don’t you think. There are so many more stories that will scare and intrigue you to read more of this book.

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- September '20 -

The Silver Lake Institute is one of the few remaining communities in New York State that began as a
Methodist camp meeting ground in the mid-1800’s. The history of the Institute is unique and interesting.
This book not only tells the history of the Institute, it also shares historic photographs from the collection
of a family that has been members of the Silver Lake Institute for generations.

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