The monthly educational program EEEK!! has begun for 2021.

Every month (from the 2nd Monday) EEEK!! kits are available, on a first come first get basis, suitable for children aged between 7 to 11 these kits every month focus on a specific topic giving children a range of projects, games and activities for the month.
Some of the fascinating topics to be covered are: Colonial Homes, Human Rights, Canals, Agriculture and much more….

Program Schedule

(Dates and Activities are subject to change)

February - Monday, 10th

- Valentines and Stained Glass -

  • Introduction to Poems: children’s and love poems



May - Monday, 9th

- Roles in the Victorian Home -

  • Book: Historic Communities Collection


October - Date TBA

- Agriculture -


March - Monday, 10th

- Women in Sciences -

  • Book: Who Says Women Can’t be Doctors? The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell


June - Monday, 20th

- Canals -

  • Book: Canal Coloring Book


November - Date TBA

- Native America -

  • Stories: Legends and Tales


April - Monday, 12th

- Human Rights -

  • Book: I am Malala



September - Date TBA

- Colonial Period -

  • Colonial Journals: make your own journal.


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