Children's Room

This photo is the children’s room on the third floor of the Becker Mansion. You can see various toys that the children played with. Some of the toys included are: Dolls, Tidley winks, Kitchen sets and tea sets, Rocking Horses(made with real horse hair) and a large hand made Doll House representing the Becker Mansion.

It has one of the most beautiful stained glass panels in the Mansion and a perfect replica dolls house of the Mansion itself.

The children’s bedrooms resided on the third floor with the maid and this made it convenient for the kids to play. It is a beautiful room that includes a stage where the children often performed for their parents.

Mrs. Becker Bedroom

White House Tea Set

Mrs Becker Bedroom

This bedroom, is where Mrs. Catherine Becker resided every evening. Mrs. Becker was the wife of Mr. Norman Becker a local banker in Seneca Falls. Together they had six children. The room has a gorgeous view of the yard and the sunlight coming through the windows in the morning is fabulous. It’s one of our favorite rooms of the house. You can see her attire was laid out for her to wear most likely by her maid. An Elegant, high-ceilinged room was found here in the bedroom and throughout the mansion. A beautiful fireplace is at the far end of the room. You can imagine it would take quite the fire to keep that room warm and many of the rooms in the winter. Adjoining Mrs. Becker’s bedroom is her own dressing room and bathroom. The rug that is under the bed dates back to 1890’s.

White House Tea set

This Tea Set is called the “White House Tea Set“. This tea set is in our drawing room of the mansion. The tea set on the tea table was used in the White House. The set was purchased by James Monroe (1817-1825) for the White House from France and was used until the 1860’s when Mary Lincoln decided that she wanted a new tea set. This set was given to Secretary of State William Seward, who happened to be a very good friend of Judge Garry V. Sackett here in Seneca Falls. The tea set was given to the Seneca Falls Historical Society by descendants of Judge Sackett.

The White House has asked for the set to be returned but so far we still have it on display..


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