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 Seneca Falls Historical Society Museum

Upon entering the house, the front hall is the first room seen. To reflect it's purpose, the design was to be grand while at the same time appearing hospitable. The lighting and golden oak wood work are from the 1880 remodel. Along the walls hang prints and engravings of some historical subjects including the life of George Washington and the American Revolution.

The drawing room is the most formal room in the house, used only on special occasions. Originally two rooms connected by a pocket door, Mrs. Partridge wanted a larger room and architect James Cutler produced this result. The Brussels-type carpet, flocked wallpaper, carved woodwork, English tiles surrounding the fireplaces, the stained glass and the gasoliers are all original to the remodeling of 1880. Notice the naturalistic motifs of fruit and flowers, espcially sunflowers, found in the border of the carpet, the gasoliers, the stained glass, and various sections of the woodwork.

The tea service on the table in the drawing room was originally purchased for the White House by President Monroe from France in the 1820s. President Lincoln gave the set to William Seward his Secretary of State, who lived in Auburn, NY and who then gave it to Judge Gary Sackett. In the 1970's the set was donated to the Historical Society.

The library was a place where the men would gather while the women went to the drawing room to talk. Cigars and various games were enjoyed here. Today the library is used as a gift shop for the Historical Society where you can purchase information about the house as well as the history of Seneca Falls.

The family parlor is opposite the drawing room. It was an informal sitting room, where the family spent most of their time. The room may be closed off with pocket doors for privacy or to keep the heat in. An American Rococo Revival style parlor suite is the center piece of the room, as is true with this set, old drawing room furniture was often moved into the family parlor when a new set was purchased. Read More | Go Back One Page


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