If you know any of the people, the places or even any stories about any of the images, please let us know. We thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide! So follow us on Facebook and join us on MYSTERY MONDAYS.

Facebook - November, 23rd

These unknown people were photographed by renowned photographer Grace Woodworth. If you have any information on these people please pass it along, Thank you


Facebook - November, 16th

We thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide! This is Francisco Caraccilo, Mary Galletti Caraccilo, Vincent Caraccilo and Evelyn Galletti Chiod. Sept. 17. 1949

Facebook - November, 9th


This 1904 photograph is of some 1st Graders from the 1st Ward School, the information we have is limited on this wonderful photograph.

If you have any information regarding this photograph or the children in it we would love to hear from you.

Thank you


Facebook - November, 2nd


We need help identifying these two gentlemen ?

Thank you

Facebook - October,26th

Another blast from the past, anyone remember or know these two or even perhaps the location ?


Facebook - October,19th

Anyone know who these gentlemen are or where they are?



Facebook - October,12th

Seen here is the dedication of the plaque commemorating the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in 1923. it is said the owner of the building refused to have the plaque placed on his building.

(From left to right) Carl Rogers, Bert Mackey, Theodosia Moran, Dr. William Follette, Devillo Pollard, Anita Politzer, Earl Clark, and L.D. Stafford pose in front of the dedication of the Nineteenth Amendment plaque.


Facebook - October,5th

Alva Belmont, the former wife of William Kissam Vanderbilt, was very active in the suffrage movement in the 20th century. This photograph was taken in Seneca Falls for the 1923 commemoration. Belmont hosted a suffrage lunch in Newport, Rhode Island, and had plates, cups and saucers made that said “Votes for Women” on the rim.


Facebook - September,28th

Anyone know who this family is?


Facebook - September, 21th

Can you help with where this office is and possibly whom the gentlemen are in the picture?


Facebook - September, 14th

Does anyone know these two children?

The only thing we have is Joan and Martha.

A little hint to help maybe?


Facebook - September, 7th

Does anyone know who this beautiful young lady is ?

and what year it was taken?

Maybe her age too?


Facebook - August, 31st

Aug. 31

Can anyone identify these ladies?

What group/club/organizations they may have been a part of?


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